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Hackers are everywhere, all the time ! Are you READY ?

Hackers are everywhere, all the time !

Are you


About Shield eXtreme

Shield eXtreme are comprised with cyber security professionals that has both long standing experience in the industry as well as deep involvements on global cyber security communities as well.

Aimed and focused on becoming the leading cyber security exercising range that are both practical and enriched by the latest in attack threat intels and patterns, Shield eXtreme’s view from both state and global level of defensive protection and offensive prevention, it’s unique set of blue team tactics, as well as malicious activity prevention and research not only is high in standard, but has protected the cyberspace for years within Taiwan.


Introduction to Products


Provides a Cyber Security Range, which are focused on the real-world practice of different facets of cyber security defensive operations. The users can choose the exercise that they wish to engage in together with real world networking environment, real offensive analytics, scoring system and simulations that mimics the actual enterprise attack scenarios to elevate the skills of the blue team members.

  • Fulfill enterprise’s need for practical blue team exercises.
  • Provides staff with simulation of defensive tactics during malicious attacks.
  • Multitude of real-world scenarios in X-Range.
  • Designed to be a fully submerssive experience to understand the key aspects of the attack scenarios.
  • Provide both On-Cloud and On-Premise solutions for exercises.
  • Repeatable range exercise to enforce and help strengthen the “Muscle Memories”


Provides pre-emptive threat intelligent services, as well as participating as part of the global Honeypot Network to capture hacker activities with vulnerable systems. At the same time we exchange threat intelligence with international cyber security organizations, with added state-of-the-art sandboxes for value added analytical purpose, validating and making sure all the intelligence that we gathered are of most critical and high in value.

  • Constructing global deceptive network.
  • Full cyber security threat detection platform.
  • Ability of understand and alert on cross-region zero day attacks.
  • Constructed MESH intelligence exchanges.
  • Connected to major Cyber Security Affiliates and Global Cyber Security Communities.
  • X-POT : a fully self contained behavioral analytical gateway.


Integrating blockchain technology to create a detection platform with a trust mechanism, at the same time linking international cybersecurity organizations and industry experts to provide the technical services for enterprises to explore cybersecurity issues, vulnerability verification, and risk assessment.

  • Solving the need for high-level cybersecurity expertise for enterprises.
  • Assists enterprises in discovering cybersecurity risks 24/7.
  • Applies blockchain technology to record the entire detection process and establish a trust mechanism.
  • Covers vulnerability detection, penetration testing, and risk assessment.
  • Targeted towards linking international cybersecurity organizations and industry cybersecurity experts.


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